How to Keep Body Warm Naturally in Winter?

Winter is on fire these days. In this coldest season of the year, people spend a lot of their income on burning heaters. We always care for you! We have some cost-cutting tips on How to Keep your Body Warm Naturally.

We are going to share these amazing money-saving tips. So, this winter you can save and dedicate money to some other household tasks.

Layer Up

layer up in winter to warm body

There's no way to escape from the cold weather outside the home as we have to go out daily to do our work chores. The cold winds and direct contact with something cold can steal all body heat. But, you can save yourself from the harshness of this weather by Layering Up.

You will feel colder if your skin is exposed to cold winds. So, wear layers of clothes to keep yourself warmer and trap body heat. Always prefer to wear full sleeves dresses, high necks that save your neck from cold, and must-use tights or pajamas. Cover up your hands with gloves and feet with socks. If it still feels cold then layer up sweaters, socks, and gloves. Use scarves and wool caps to shield the head from the icy weather as layering up is the best way to keep your body warm naturally.

Eat Dry Fruits

Eat Dry Fruits in winter

Dried fruits contain fibre, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Which keeps our body warm and healthy

  • Cashew Cashew Nut
  • Pistachio Nut
  • Pinus Gerardiana
  • Walnut

Dry fruits are very cheap and natural at Pakistan, you can order website. Pakistan is producing natural and pure such items from decads.

Focus on your Breath

Research shows “Vase Breathing” techniques can raise body temperature. The participants of the study used the technique to raise their body temperature to 101 degrees.

In this technique, you have to begin by inhaling deeply. And on exhale, you have to contract abdominal and pelvic muscles so the lower belly takes the form of a rounded vase. You can also use Yoga techniques,ujjayi (“victorious”) breath to warm up your body.

Use Warm Foods & Drinks

When the temperature goes down, everyone layers up with sweaters and scarves. We are also doing the same. But these things are all in vain if you are not eating well. Warm and nutritious food can regulate body energy level and give the strength to strive against winter. Therefore, try to eat regular meals.

It's proven that having a hot coffee or tea can make you feel warmer. But these items are not as healthy because they have a large amount of caffeine which is not good for health. Try to use Soups, Green Tea, and include Ginger and Cumin in your diet. Never forget to use dry fruits in your free time.

Stay Active

There is no way to hide behind covers because you have to do some errands that are waiting for your attention. Let's warm up ourselves by Staying Active!

So, Get out of blankets and indulge yourself in tasks. You just have to do some exercise to warm up the body. Exercising increase the blood flow to the skin and the skin feels warmer. Have you seen people get red while exercising?


The scientists from the University of Toronto are saying that Socializing (not on social media) and spending time with people warms you up. And social exclusion makes you feel colder.

So, don't sit alone in your free time and meet up with your friends & family to live an active social life.

Stay Cozy at Home

Use warm blankets and layers of beddings to stay warm at home. Use fluffiest bed sheets and dense blankets to trap heat. Wear inner clothing like high necks, tights even at the time of sleep. Don't forget to close the windows and doors of your home so the icy winds can't be able to drop the temperature. In this way, you don't have to bear the extra burden of heater expenses to keep your home warm.

Now you know that How to keep your body warm naturally. Thus, you can stay warm this winter without a hole in your pocket.