Are Kotatsu tables are safe to use? (6 Safety Tips)

Hy, today I sit here and writing about my blog. Some people are amazed that are Kotatsu tables safe? They probably think that Kotatsu starts a fire on the carpet and they are not safe.

Well, Japanese are using these tables for many years. I never heard that if any kotatsu starts the fire. I’m pretty sure about that, you will not face such problems. According to Japanese reports, some fires were started for using kotatsu caused by bending the electrical cables until breaks and cause a short circuit. To avoid any bad incident, read our safety tips below.

What are the Kotatsu Tables?

Kotatsu is a warm table specially made for the winter, made of wood, covered with futon (blanket) and have a heater under it. It has different types and has different parts to build one unit or set. It is complete set to survive in cold winter.


  • Wooden Table frame
  • Futon
  • Heater

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Tips to use it Safely?

  • Don't leave the heating unit on, if you are not at home.
  • Don't bend the electric cable attached to it.
  • Don't dry clothes under this.
  • Use long cables
  • Use Voltage Transformer

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