Best Japanese Tables 2019 (List to Buy)

Japanese tables have been a hot trend for a long time now. I’d say that more than a trend, they’re a fetish that has encapsulated the hearts and minds of people who are obsessed with trying new things and buying new furniture.

These tables exude a lot – but comfort, tradition, style and status are always on the top. In this review of best Japanese tables [2019], I’ve compiled reviewed of different kind of Japanese tables such as Chabudai, Kotatsu, coffee and meditation tables.

Let us take a look at this table to have an idea of their unique qualities and how they compare against others …

Without further ado … here’s the review:

Chabudai Table: Short Legged Table

Before we start with reviewing our first Chabudai table, we need to know why Chabudai tables are so big a sensation in Western households.

Chabudai is the name of the differently designed tables that the elite class – the bourgeois and feudal class of Japan used at their homes and offices.

There were found in rich Japanese households and used mainly for dinner, tea time, an informal gathering of family, studying and working.

Clarification: A lot of Chabudai tables were not listed as Chabudai tables in this review, but as coffee tables, because their shape limited their scope to a coffee or a tea table. When I will review those Japanese coffee tables, I will make sure to mention that they are Chabudai tables as well.

1. Snow Peak Single Action Low Table – Best Chabudai Table

Now, what is my standard of considering a table the best? It is not based on looks or personal choices, but on the Amazon rating.

This table, excluding the tables that are mainly considered coffee tables, is one of the best examples of Chabudai tables on Amazon.

It is a single action, low table that can be folded and stored anywhere in a minimalist home – another specialty of Japan that is spreading like jungle fire – all over the world.

What we like?

  • Folds in Half for Easy Storage
  • Comes with a Nylon Carry Case
  • Made of Sturdy Bamboo and Metal
  • Multi-purpose

What we don't like?

  • Expensive
  • Too Low for Some Users

Product Features:

  • Two-fold Tabletop – This Chabudai table has a two-fold tabletop that one can easily fold or unfold for proper storing or packing.
  • Bamboo Top – Apart from the design thing, the Chabudai and mainly most of the Japanese tables are made of real wood – most of the tabletops are made of some wood or bamboo. However, since these tables are now manufactured at industrial level (and not only in Japan, but China too), you can expect chipboard. Yet, luckily, this one is made of bamboo.
  • Metal Legs – Small and moulded metal legs automatically open and close with unfolding and folding of the table. These legs are not too much elevated from the ground – they make it easy for you to store, pack and move this furniture, and the metal’s finish is rust-resistant.
  • Useful for Indoor as well as Outdoor – If you love car camping, you can use this table for big 4 or 6 men tent on a family/friends vacation. Otherwise, you can always use this as a small one-person dinner table, coffee table or center table in a minimalist household.
  • Multi-purpose – As it has been mentioned above, this table can be used in so many different ways and settings. However, my purpose is not to repeat the same point, but share a customer’s review here. He liked this table, because in his minimalistic apartment, it worked like a side table (as he sleeps on floor), dining table, desk/computer desk or card game table.

2. Tables MEIDUO Set – Best Chabudai Set

If you are a little bit disappointed by the supposedly low height of the abovementioned Chabudai table, this set is going to compensate for everything.

Not only it is a proper balcony or lawn table, but the height is really good and it is a complete set.

For the price you pay for this set, you get one high quality and properly functional center table + 2 wide and low tables – exactly based on the pattern of the chairs that Japanese used with their Chabudai tables.

What we like?

  • A Proper Kotatsu Table
  • Comes with Heating System
  • Multipurpose

What we don't like?

  • Top is Made of Composite Lumber
  • Not a Complete Set

Product Features:

  • Material – This Chabudai set of one table and two chairs are made of bamboo. Why bamboo and not plastic or chipboard? Because 1) Bamboo, when compared to plastic, is environment-friendly, 2) Bamboo as compared to chipboard is expensive, but it represents the real Chabudai tradition. That furniture was not made by chipboard.
  • Lightweight – The real amazing quality of bamboo is that although it is real wood, it is so lightweight when compared to other types of wood. This is why you can easily move this set of table and chairs from your lounge to the lawn or balcony etc.
  • Easy to Assemble and Dissemble – The beauty of minimalistic lifestyle furniture is that that is not to remain there always like a log, but you can always disassemble and assemble it whenever needed. Same is the case with this set of table and chairs. You get a tool with the merch that you can use to assemble or disassemble the whole shebang.
  • Footrest or Magazine Rack – The table has a set of 6 to 10 long pieces of bamboo that connect both legs in the bottom of the table. They can be used as a footrest or magazine rack.
  • Seats – We have talked enough about the table, but the seats are equally appreciable; they are also made of bamboo; they are very close to the ground – just like Japanese seats, so from card playing to using the table the way one wants, everything is possible. They’re kind of pivot between the floor and the tabletop and both of them have light-colour sponge cushions on them.

Kotatsu Tables: Japanese Heated Table

We have only one Kotatsu table in this list, but still, we need to know about what those are before ever we review the only Kotatsu table in this review.

Kotatsu tables are what Japanese use when they love family/friends gathering and something hot to get rid of the cold outside.

A Kotatsu is incomplete without the equipment that completes the entire setup. Those items include a) a futon, which is an insulated comforter that does not let the heat escape the limited are and b) a small electric heater connected with the table which is the actual source of heat.


In other regions of the world, a Kotatsu is often used without the futon and the heater – they just use it because of its cultural reference and because it is multipurpose. This table is also not the complete Kutatsu experience, but just a table – you can buy the heater and futon separately.

3. SUNGOLD Kotatsu Rectangle Table

Enough has been said about this table already; let us take a look at its features.

  • Made in USA – I’d admit that it does not sound very appealing when you tell someone that a Japanese table is made in USA, but as it has been explained above, these tables are not massively manufactured by different countries including China. It is still better to get one with American standards.
  • Multipurpose – A Kotatus table is a big and square table mostly placed in the lounge, and for a big table like this, one may find many different uses. It can be used as a small dining table for two persons, a computer table, a side table or cards table etc.
  • Heating System – Having this Kotatsu table, all you need to have is a futon, because it comes with its own heater. The heating system is compatible with USA electrical systems, wires and outlets.

What we like?

  • Folds in Half for Easy Storage
  • Comes with a Nylon Carry Case
  • Made of Sturdy Bamboo and Metal
  • Multi-purpose

What we don't like?

  • Expensive
  • Too Low for Some Users

4. Azumaya Japan Folding Coffee Table - Best Coffee Tables

It is a dual-purpose table that can be used as a center table as well as for serving coffee/tee/or basically anything.

  • Folding Legs – One of the biggest merits of all Japanese tables is how easily you can dissemble and pack them for storage or shifting. This coffee table comes with folding legs; you can fold the legs and keep it anywhere until further use.
  • Material – This is not a bamboo table, and for this very reason, it is not as lightweight as a bamboo table is. It is made of real walnut and Rubberwood – it weighs at 10 kg. So, what you get is a beautiful piece of furniture that you’d like to show off and brag about.
  • Rectangular Shape – It is not a small table; it is a big rectangular tabletop made of real wood, and its sturdy, wide and durable tabletop allows the owner to place a lot of items on it. Space is galore!
  • Multipurpose – A big and wide tabletop can be used for a lot than just serving coffee; it can be used as a dinner or brunch table for a small family, a computer table or tray table. More or less, it is a luxurious piece of furniture.
  • Urethane Coating – The wooden top of the table comes coated with a thin layer of urethane. The purpose of urethane coating is to make it sort of liquid resistant and stain-proof.

What we like?

  • Folding Legs
  • Urethane Coated Top
  • Made of Walnut and Rubberwood
  • Multipurpose

What we don't like?

  • Top Vulnerable to Scratches
  • Not 100% Stain-proof

5. ioHomes Monroe Rectangular Coffee Table – Best Rectangular Coffee Table

Coffee table/tray tables come in many different forms; some people prefer square ones while others would prefer rectangular tables because of the extra space that they provide.

This table comes with two stories; the top can be used for food, beverages and other things, and the lower story can be used to keep magazines, books or décor products.

If you do not want a wooden board on four legs in your living lounge and you prefer style and quality, do know that this is one of the most modern and stylish Japanese table that you can find on Amazon.

What we like?

  • Rectangular Shape
  • Multi-purpose
  • Environment Friendly Material
  • Stylish and High Quality

What we don't like?

  • Made of Fiber Board
  • Chipping Problem

Product Features

Let us take a look at the features:

  • Two Story Table – This table has a very modern look and design. There are two stories and the upper one can be used for general living room purposes, while the lower one can be used as a magazine rack and many similar purposes. Two interlocking black wooden legs simply take the style statement to another level.
  • Walnut Top – The tabletop is laminated with a dark Walnut sheet; the entire table is made of medium fiberboard. Fiberboard is environment-friendly because manufacturers do not have to cut down trees.
  • Rectangular Shape – This is a rectangular shaped table – it can be used for many different purposes e.g. entertainment/T.V. table, coffee table, dining table for a small family and just a lounge table – all of this could not be possible if it wasn’t a rectangular table.

6. Zinus Coffee Table

If you truly love to see a rectangular tray/coffee table in your lounge, Zinus coffee table is the answer to your prayers.

It is also a traditional two story table, with top that can be used for coffee, dining or other purposes and the bottom lever that can be used to store magazines, books or anything that one might find suitable to keep there.

What we like?

  • Stylish Pine Wood Top
  • Metal Legs
  • Rustic Tone
  • Highly Useful Table

What we don't like?

  • Warranty Not Available for Amazon Customers
  • Chipping

Product Features

Here are the most important features:

  • Stylish Pine Wood Top – This table is not 100% wood; it is made of both metal and wood, but the top of the table is made of Pinewood. Pine-wood is one of the best “wood choices” that furniture manufacturers can made. Not only it is fine and stylish, it is durable, it resists shrinking and swelling and it does not easily lose its form.
  • Rustic Tone – When you talk about furniture, everything depends on the tone that you choose. Wooden furniture allows the craftsmen to finalize the tone of that furniture. This coffee table has a rustic tone; its shape and tone take its appeal to a whole new level: vintage.
  • Easy to Assemble – This is a big table and not like the Snow Peak one we have reviewed above, so it does not come pre-assembled. However, the best thing about this table is that it can be easily assembled within a few minutes.
  • 1 Year Warranty – While Amazon only gives a 30 days (from the day of receipt) warranty, the manufacturers of this table are so confident in it that they offer a 1-year no questions asked and worry-free warranty.

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