Best Japanese Kakebuton (KakeFuton) Quilt Comforter

When you have the experience to go in the Japanese bedroom, then you have noticed that there is no bed in their sleeping rooms. The Japanese have a unique and moderate approach for sleeping for long times, their sleeping system is different from the rest of the world.

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Kakebuton is a crucial element of Japanese bed that is made with hand-pulled silk and has a great choice of the persons who are suffering some allergy problems, these are also known as "Kake futon" or Kakebuton.

Kakebuton is breathable and very lightweight and their silk filling keeps you warm and maintains your body temperature in the winters. Now the Kakebuton are also becoming very popular in the other countries in the peoples who want to take deeper sleep. These are similar to western duvets and generally used with covers.

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Kakefutons are an excellent alternative to regular comforters because regular comforters sometimes feel too hot and sticky and sometimes feel too cold. Kakebutons are Excellent in maintaining your body temperature and also give you a perfect sleep with a hypo-allergic function.

After thorough research I have selected some Kakefutons, So check out the below list to find out which is the Best kakeButon for you and what you want to include in your life.

Best Kakebutons At A Glance

Name Outer material Inner Material Thickness Size
1. EMOOR 3-Piece Japanese Futon Set Classe   100% cotton 100%polyester 2.5 inch 59 x 83 
2. EMOOR (Kakebuton) "Leavel" 2 Twin Size.   100% cotton 50% wool&50% polyester 4inch 39x79in
3. EMOOR Washable Heat-Generation   100% polyester 80% polyester & 20% Ryan 2.5 Inch 59x83in  
4. EMOOR Microfiber Kotatsu   100% polyester 100% polyester Not defined 79 x 79 
5. J-Life Authentic Japanese Kakefuton   100% cotton 100% hand-pulled silk Not defined (66" x 92")
  1. EMOOR 3-Piece Japanese Futon Set Classe

 This product has great customer satisfaction and a 4.5 rating out of 5 on Amazon. Classe is a futon series by the Emoor brand. This set comes in three pieces which include a comforter called Kakebuton a futon mattress called Shiki futon and a pillow. The Futon mattress included in the class has contains a firmly padded sandwich with a soft polyester filling that is 2.5 inches thick. So when you sleep on that mattress you may feel firm but not too hard.

This mattress provides excellent back support, especially when you are suffering from a spine injury. This mattress is folded into three parts for easy storage. The Kakebuton comforter is not stitched to the outer fabric of the quilt and is made with 100% cotton material that is pure organic cotton.

The stuffing material of this comforter contains anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic qualities. This is quite an amazing Japanese futon set that is offered by Emoor, you can even choose the thickness and stuffing of the product depending on the size and model you choose.

This set is great for any bedroom and the dimensions of the futon mattress are 39 x 83 and the Kakebuton dimensions are 59 x 83  and the pillow has a dimension of 17 x 25in. This product is not washable so you need to use covers on it.

What we like?

  • Lightweight
  • 3-piece set
  • 100% organic cotton.
  • Japanese style

What we don't like?

  • Not easy to clean.
  1. EMOOR (Kakebuton) "Leavel" 2 Twin Size.

Made in Japan This Amazing comforter by Emoor provides you superior quality and comfort and has a great customer rating on Amazon 4.2 out of 5. The stuffing of this Kakebuton comforter contains 50% French wool and 50% polyester.

The 4 inches thick stuffing of polyester and wool with firm stuffing and with a sandwich of two soft stuffings. The natural soft wool fibers in the filling give you a soft and bouncy feeling while sleeping in the night. This product is an Authentic Japanese product and carefully made by Japanese craftsmen.

The structure of this mat is like a Hamburger and does not follow the 3 layer structure of a Japanese regular size mattress. The dimensions of the products are 39x79in (100x200cm), 4in (10-12cm) in thickness [Weight], and the weight of the products is 11.6 lb. This comforter is not machine washable.

What we like?

  • Easy to fold and store
  • Lightweight.
  • The mixture of wool and polyester stuff.
  • Affordable.
  • Can also be used in a car.

What we don't like?

  • Feel firm for those who want a soft mattress.

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  1. EMOOR Washable Heat-Generation

The Emoor heat Generated comforter cannot contain many reviews on Amazon. But we add this product because of its reliable brand. The comforter keeps you warm and its design according to the body curve. The heating mechanism of this Japanese Kakebuton is amazing, it converts your body moisture into heat and stores this heat in the quilt.

The quilt is designed according to your body curve, so when you sleep it fits on any posture and keeps you warm inside the comforter, and do not let to escape it outside the quilt. The Emoor Japanese Kakebuton contains two types of inner fillings one type of filling is for heat-generating and the other kind of filling stores the heat inside the comforter for luxuriously using it.

This comforter is very lightweight and contains the only weight of 4lbs. If you feel it dirty then you can easily wash it with the help of your hands. So, you can use it without the fear of dirt and odors. The outer fabric of this twin-size mattress contains 100% polyester and the inner filling contains 80% polyester filling and 20 % Ryan filling for heat generation and absorption function. The overall Dimensions of this twin size Kakebuton are 59x83in.

What we like?

  • Lightweight
  • Luxurious comfort
  • Fit to your body curve
  • Easy to clean and wash

What we don't like?

  • It has only one design
  1. EMOOR Microfiber Kotatsu

This Kotatsu Kakebuton comforter has only two positive reviews on Amazon, but still, we consider this product because of the quality products of the Emoor brand. This Japanese kotatsu Kake buton is made from microfibers and the material of this KakeFuton is perfect for Autumn and winter. So, this Katastu Kakebuton doubles your comfort level because it contains high-quality microfibers that give you a very soft and luxurious feeling.

This Kotatsu comforter is entirely made from microfiber so, its outer and inner filling contains 100% polyester. The filling of this comfortable Kakebuton is very lightweight and contains a weight of 8.4 oz. This comfortable kotatsu Kakebuton comes in three sizes that are round, square, and rectangle, and also comes in 2 colors are brown and beige.

 The dimensions of the square Kake buton are 79 x 79  corresponding to the Kotatsu table that has dimensions 35x 35 in or less. The Rectangle dimensions are 79 x 94 in with the corresponding kotatsu table dimension is 31 x 47. The dimensions of the round Kake Futon comforter are 79-inch diameter with the kotatsu table dimensions of 31 x 31 in or less.

This microfiber kotatsu comforter is extremely comfortable and provides a very soft touch. It is lightweight and comfortable. If the cover gets dirty it is not a problem. You can easily unzip the cover and wash it. It also comes in 2 colors that are brown and beige.

What we like?

  • Lightweight
  • Come in two colors
  • Contains 3 different sizes
  • 100% polyester
  • Can be used in winter or autumn

What we don't like?

  • The product cannot include a rug or any kotatsu table
  1. J-Life Authentic Japanese Kakefuton

The J-life Kakefuton is the best KakeButon comforter. This luxurious comforter has only one positive customer review on  Amazon, but still, we review it because of its brand quality. It is an Authentic Japanese product made with great care and keeping in mind the ultimate standards of quality. This comforter is stuffed with 100% hand-pulled Millbury silk. This silk is very high quality and you will feel the difference you sleep in that comforter.

This material is breathable and tick-resistant and also feels very soft when you touch it. The fabric material of this Kakebuton comforter is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. This amazing comforter adds extra luxury to your bed and gives you a very comfortable and cozy sleep of the winter's night.

The while sateen border at the corners of the comforters adds extra luxuries. The entire comforter is not machine washable, but the cover of the comforter easily washes in the machine when you feel it dirty or dusty simply unzips and clean it. The dimension of the comforter is (66" x 92").

What we like?

  • Pure silk stuffing
  • Made in Japan
  • Lightweight
  • Luxurious and stylish
  • Easy to clean cover

What we don't like?

  • It only comes in one size and design


A Kakebuton comforter is an excellent alternative to regular comforters. You will find these comforters comfortable, breathable, and skin-friendly. The above-listed Kake Futons are the best collection of comforters that contains very comfortable material.

Kakebuton works very amazingly in winters and keeps your body warm and whisking away the moisture to provide a great night to sleep. If you want a little more comfort in your life then choose one of the best Kakebuton comforters to add to your home bedding.