Kotatsu Chairs - The Floor Chairs from Japan

Floor Chairs for Kotatsu Usage

A Kotatsu is a low height table with a chair, blanket, and blanket. The table is covered with Futon, which means a blanket. Below this table, there is a heat source, which is further covered by the Futon. Users have many options as to how they can utilize the heat source; it can be built into or attached to the source, and it can also be separate. In traditional times, the charcoal heater was mainly used as a source of heat. However, in modern times, access to heat has become more manageable; the heat source is usually the electric heater. Kotatsu is mainly used in Japan. Other cultures use Kotatsu but have different names. For example, in Spain, Brasero is a table that resembles Kotatsu. Moreover, in Iran, Korsi is another table that resembles Kotatsu.

When talking about Kotatsu, chairs are an essential aspect. Understandably enough, many are lost as to what kind of chairs they can use for Kotatsu, mainly because it is so low in height. This confusion is most common among those who are not from Japan. Many also go on to assume that availing the facility of Kotatsu requires sitting on the floor or a rug. For Kotatsu, mainly floor chairs are used. There are many options available, with different sizes, fabrics, and materials, colors, etc. And some people like Kotatsu sofas longer couches instead of little chairs.

List of top Kotatsu Floor Chairs

  1. Zaisu Floor Chair with Back Support
  2. BonVIVO Easy II Padded Floor Seating
  3. Japanese Azumaya Kotatsu Floor Cushion
  4. D&D Futon Furniture Zabuton Seating Pillows
  5. Kotatsu Zabuton Floor Cushion Covers

1. Zaisu Japanese Style Floor Chair

This Zaisuu type chair does not have many reviews on Amazon. However, even with its low reviews, it has high ratings. It has a rating of 4 stars out of 5. This rating goes to show that customers are mainly satisfied with the product overall. The product is ideal for the Japanese sitting style. It can also be folded in half; which allows customers to store it easily and can also be transported without any problem. The fabric is a cream color. Hence, it is neutral and is adaptable to any home environment or style. It will look good in any room and color.

The whole product measurements are 21.5 inches in height and 18 inches in width. The chair is also padded, allowing the user to remain comfortable. The measurements of this padded cushion are 16 x 16 inches. The back has a wooden frame in dark brown color, and the measurements are 17.5 inches. While there are generally positive reviews, some have still commented that the wooden frame does not allow complete comfort.

2. BonVIVO Easy II Padded Floor Chair with Back Support

This product is quite famous with many positive reviews. It has a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5. It also comes in many different colors, like Blue and Beige combination, Grey, Blue, and Beige. The product dimensions are 7.4 x 16.9 x 21.3 inches. It can be used for many purposes, and it is ideal for Kotatsu purposes. Reviews suggest that the product is highly comfortable, both for indoor and outdoor activities. The material used (PE foam, upholstery filling, PU foam) further adds on to this feature. The product is capable of handling body weight of up to 220 pounds.

The user is not restricted to using this product for Kotatsu only; but can also use it in settings like meditation, office, and lounge room, etc. What makes this product even more appealing is the adjustable backrest, allowing the user to relax further. The product is also easy to store as it does not take much space. Consumers also don’t have to go out of their way of maintaining or cleaning this chair. That is because a good quality stain-resistant synthetic fiber is used for this product.

3. Azumaya Compact Kotatsu Floor Cushion Chair

This product has good reviews on Amazon with a rating of 3 stars out of 5. The height of the floor chair is 4.7 inches. Additionally, the product is already assembled by the manufacturers, so customers won’t have to go through the lengthy procedure of assembling parts. It comes in 2 colors and patterns; Houndstooth (black and white checkers pattern), Brown check (also has white and red colors). The product dimensions are 15 x 15 x 10 inches.

4. D&D Futon Furniture Zabuton Seating Cushions for Yoga, Meditation

This product has a rating of 5 stars out of 5. This rating goes to show that the product is more than satisfactory. The material of the product is 100% Polyester Poplin and the inside of the cushion if Filled with cotton batting. The color is central tan, with the outer side being black and the inner side being a lighter color. The dimensions of the product are Dimensions: 3 (thickness) x 8 (width) x 36 (length). Reviews are very positive and highlight that the customers are indeed pleased with their purchase

5. Kotatsu Zabuton Japanese Floor Cushion Cover (5pieces)

Although this product has few reviews, it has a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. The product is a set of 5 pieces of cushion and the material used to make this product is cotton. Moreover, the cover is removable through a zipper allowing the customer to clean the product quickly and easily. The dimensions of each cushion are 22 x 23 inch. The customers seem to be very satisfied with the product.

Zaisu is a chair that can be used for Kotatsu. This chair has no legs to stand on; it has merely a regular chair back. This chair is ideal as it allows back support and lets the user be comfortable. Zaisu comes in different styles and patterns. Users can also opt to have a cushion built-in or attached. There is also the option of having Kyousoku attached to Zaisu. Kyousoku is an armrest, which further enables the user to relax and be more comfortable.

Zabuton is another type of chair that can be used for Kotatsu. It is a cushion, which can be used both for floors and on other chairs. It is easy to transport and move around. The measurements are typically 20 – 30 inches. And because the aim is to make the user comfortable, the cushion itself is very thick. It can be used for many purposes like meditation, etc., which makes its purchase worth it. Zabuton can also be attached to Zaisu or Kyousoku. Together, these types of chairs can maximize consumer satisfaction.