Kotatsu Futon (Blanket)

Use these amazing Kotatsu blanket and Futons

A Kotatsu is a table that is low in height. This low table frame is covered by a blanket, which is most commonly referred to as Futon. What makes this table unique is the fact that below it, there is a heat source. This heat source is covered by the Futon and can be built into the table or is separate from it. The modern style of Kotatsu mainly uses an electric heater. However, the traditional style of Kotatsu uses a charcoal heater.

Kotatsu is mainly used in Japan. But it should be noted that other cultures also use the same style for the same purpose. The only difference is the names given to these tables. For example, in Spain, such a table would be commonly referred to as Brasero. And in Iran, it would be called Korsi.

Top Kotatsu Futons

We have these top 6 Kotatsu futons, which are compared with their thickness, quality, price and warmness.

  1. EMOOR Microfiber Kotatsu Futon Set
  2. Azumaya Futon Rectangle cover
  3. Kotatsu thick blanket "Yukari"
  4. Nishikawa Reversible Kotatsu Futon

1. EMOOR Microfiber Kotatsu Futon Set

This product has excellent ratings on Amazon (a 5-star rating out of 5). The product weighs 12.26 pounds. It comes in many shapes, like; square, round, rectangle, square (space-saving), and rectangle (space-saving). Now, this product includes a comforter and rug only; the table is not included. Again, this might be considered a disadvantage as customers will have to go through the hassle of making more important purchases. It will be time-consuming and, most importantly, will not be cheap.

The dimensions of the comforter are 200 x 200 cm. The dimensions of the rug are 190 x 190 cm. For the comforter, both the material and its filling is polyester. The fabric is of microfiber; it gives a smooth and fluffy feel. One great thing about this company is that it provides the Kotatsu set in many colours and patterns. These patterns may be; Floral Beige, Floral Brown, Triangle Beige, Ortega Brown. There are many options for customers, both fancy and simple. Caring and cleaning this product does not require much hard-work (as it does with other products). A simple hand wash will suffice. Another advantage of this product is the fact that the set can be separated and used in different settings and times.

What we like?

  • 14 different colours and patterns to select
  • Washable with regular washer
  • Keeps the heat even heater is off
  • Warm, Cozy and texture of the cloth is super.

What we don't like?

  • Little Pricy

2. Azumaya Kotatsu Futon Rectangle

This product, on Amazon, has really good reviews. The product dimensions are 90 width x 75 depth x 2 height inches, and it weighs 8 pounds. It is made in China, and the colour is light brown. While there may not be many options when it comes to colours, it is essential to note that the colour is of the kind that can be adapted to any home environment. And most importantly, it provides the user with warmth and makes him / her comfortable. The outline of the comforter is of a lighter colour, making it attractive as a result. The material used is polyester, and the product is quite thick. This feature helps in providing heat to the user.

The price of this product is between 150 USD – 238 USD. It comes in 2 main shapes, which are rectangle and square. The dimensions for the rectangle size are 90 x 75 inches. For square, the proportions are 75 x 75 inches. The product can be cleaned through dry cleaning. Like the products highlighted above, this product also does not come with a heating table. Again, the consumers will be left with no choice but to make separate purchases. This aspect is not ideal for those who don’t wish to spend that much money.

What we like?

  • Quick Shipping, arrives better than images (6 days)
  • Large warm cozy
  • 2 Colours, 2 Sizes
  • Very Affordable

What we don't like?

  • I guess, Nothing is wrong

3. Kotatsu thick blanket "Yukari"

This product has good reviews on Amazon (4.7 stars out of 5). The product costs around 221 USD – 225 USD. The product only contains a blanket, not a mat or a heating table. The blanket has three dark colours, making it very attractive. The dimensions of the blanket are 205 × 245 cm, which makes it rectangular shaped. It weighs around 9 pounds. This product can be cleaned through the dry cleaning method only. Reviews suggest that it is very cozy and warm. It also has a stitching pattern in the middle. This feature allows the consumer to make sure that the product is placed on the table accurately.

The product is also durable, allowing it to be used for long term periods. The material used for this product is both polyester and cotton. Furthermore, the ends of the blanket are thicker. What makes this product further attractive is the fact that it is also water-resistant. Reviews suggest that if you spill anything on it, then the blanket won't immediately absorb it. This feature allows the user to keep the product maintained and clean.

What we like?

  • Very thick and soft
  • Made up with Water resistant material

What we don't like?

  • Rectangular shape only

4. Nishikawa Reversible Kotatsu Futon

This product has reasonably good reviews (3 out of 5 ratings) on Amazon. It is priced around 130 USD – 195 USD. The product, it should be noted, does not come with a heating source. Some may consider this a disadvantage as it would require them to make further purchases. Moreover, the price already is high, and it does not even come with a heater. However, reviews suggest that it is worth the money.

The dimensions are 18.5 x 15 x 9.4 inches. The weight of the product is 2.5 kg. One side of the blanket has a lighter shade of brown, while the other side of the blanket has a darker shade of brown. This feature allows consumers options to opt for whichever colour they prefer. The product also has an adaption size; 75 - 80 cm for depth and 70 – 80 cm for width. Reviews suggest that it is light and warm with a fleece-like feel. The reason could be the material used, which is polyester. What is further attractive about this blanket is the fact that it is simple and not over-the-top. It achieves the purpose of providing the user with heat and warmth.

What we like?

  • Light and Warm
  • Loops in corner like a duvet has
  • Both sides can be used

What we don't like?

  • High price