Kotatsu Voltage Transformer Converter

Kotatsu Voltage transformer and Converters

Who does not want to stay cozy and warm during winters? The truly functional furniture piece Kotatsu exists and a great heat source that is even an artful and socially acceptable blanket table. During cold and harsh winter nights, Kotatsu proves to be an ultimate choice because a low heightened wooden table is a paramount heat choice that is combined with futon or blanket and gives the user a great comfort zone. Get to know some of the affordable furniture elements to embrace its warmness along with package deal of Kotatsu Converter transformer, table, and a futon.

Why use Kotatsu Converter transformer?

Kotatsu is a low table made of wood covered with blanket or futon and offers great warmness when setting over a charcoal heater. These are the most common tables used in Japans but the specifications may vary. There is a built-in electric heater in frame enabling the user to sit comfortably on a cushion by keeping the legs under table to keep the lower body warm especially during cold weather.

Now you will be wondering about the Kotatsu Converter transformer that what it is required for? The converter is required for safety purposes because to use any electrical devices other than Japan, a transformer is essential to control the heating temperature allowing a user to perfectly use the device without any worry. If somehow you do not use a transformer along with Kotatsu, the heater will blow right after you plug it in.

Following are the best Kotatsu Converter transformers

Best Kotatsu Transformer

We have mentioned the top 5 converter transformers for Kotatsu table which are compared based on functionality, specifications, features, and price.

  1. VCT VT-1000J Japanese Step Up/Down Voltage Transformer
  2. UMI 120V to 100V - 500watts Converter
  3. VCT VT-500J Step Up/Down Transformer
  4. SEYAS 1000W Auto Transformer
  5. ELC 2000-Watt Converter

1- VCT VT-1000J - Japanese Step Up/Down Voltage Transformer

Kotatsu VCT Transformer

The Step-up/Down voltage transformer owns the capability to deal with conversions of up and down the voltage in Japan. It works decently for price and significant sufficient in size. The transformer enables USA electricity to handle the use of Japanese devices along with the transformer. It owns the ability to handle a maximum capacity of 1000 watts with the power surge. The transformer converts USA power of 110/120 volts to 100 Volt.

It means the American voltage is easily converted to Japanese power and vice versa. The transformer is embedded with on and off switch and the Fuse is provided for protection purposes. It is best to use for Kotatsu table because it is reliable and exceptionally designed to handle American voltage power. Thus, it is verified that you can get adequate electric voltage to the attached appliance.

You might need to check kotatsu heaters before buying the voltage transformers.

What we like?

  • Best to use for electric appliances
  • Ideal for heavy-duty use
  • Perfect as a home improvement tool
  • Works fast according to the specifications

What we don't like?

  • It may overheat because of long hours of continuous use
  • May have tight prongs during the first use
  • Do not modify the product
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2- UMI 120V to 100V Voltage Converter 500watts

UMI Voltage Converter for Kotatsu table

The step-down transformer is a reliable and perfect solution to be used with 100-volt Japanese devices to run on US or Australians volt power. The transformer owns the ability to convert volts 240 down to at least 100 volts allowing all Japanese devices to run optimally mainly in Australia.

UMI proves to be a guaranteed safe for Japanese appliances. It is best for heavy-duty use because the voltage converters are uniquely designed to run for 24 hours. It owns high-quality cover along with protection for safety fuse. The transformer is enclosed in a strong metal with a carry handle standing on rubber feet.

What we like?

  • It is exceptionally made to meet the quality standard
  • It is available with money back 1-year warranty
  • Uniquely designed to protect any sort of appliance
  • Compact and light in weight

What we don't like?

  • Modification of the product is not recommended

3- VCT VT-500J - Step Up/Down Transformer

J500 Volt Transformer for Japanese table kotatsu

With the advanced safety and great performance, 500J Japanese Step up and down transformer is best to be used in a single office or at home to fulfill the daily basic needs. The transformer owns the ability to work vice versa as well while connected to the main power supply through a Japanese device via outlet sockets.

VCT 500J is a well-established autotransformer that comes with pressed metal pin electric sockets. It is easy to use. All you need is to plug in and turn on the switch to utilize its heavy-duty performance. To ensure that the transformer runs adequately, it is best to follow the instructions of safety power.

What we like?

  • Spare fuses will be included
  • It is safe and fast in performance
  • Long-lasting service
  • Simple and easy to use

What we don't like?

  • It is not suitable to use for kettles, induction plates, toasters, hairdryers, and instant pots.

4- SEYAS 1000W Auto Voltage Transformer

Japanese volt transformer for table

It is true that an improper selection of Voltage transformer will surely damage a lot of devices but selecting SEYAS 1000W automatic step up and step down transformer will make your life easy and safe.

SEYAS 1kW converter owns the capability to identify the voltage and convert it accordingly to the voltage input. It is highly efficient in performance and provides a stable output with low consumption. SEYAS transformer has passed IEC and Temperature Rise Test.

What we like?

  • Works greatly 24 hours and can handle a heavy load
  • Built-in with soft and simple start function
  • It is a certified device with overcurrent safety
  • It is highly efficient in performance

What we don't like?

  • It is not recommended for high voltage heating devices such as welding equipment, iron, toaster, oven, etc.

5- ELC T-2000 2000-Watt Converter

Japanese High Watt Volt transformer

It is one of the reliable, safe, convenient and affordable transformers that assist to convert voltages even for industrial and home use. Its amazing features can also handle heavy-duty appliances.

The transformer consists of mainly three outputs and two of them are grounded to handle 120 volts of US standard and 220 volts for other universal outputs. It is embedded with circuit breakers to provide ultimate protection to the equipment and safeguards the transformer from overloading.

What we like?

  • It is a heavy-duty uniquely designed converter to handle voltage
  • ELC is embedded with circuit breakers

What we don't like?

  • It can handle a maximum of 2000 watt for continuous use of 30 mins.
  • It is not recommended for the dual American phase.
  • The transformer's voltage maximum power must be greater or equal than the power rating of an appliance.
  • Not recommended for heating appliances such as welding, toaster, coffee maker, oven, etc

Wrapping up

All of the products for Kotatsu Converter Transformers are available on Amazon with reliable customer reviews enabling hundreds of users to make a decision wisely. The product varies in size, shape, color, functions, specifications, and price which make every device great to use. Don’t forget to tell us your choice according to their needs.