Zataku Table for sale by Japanese

Zataku Tables from Japan

Zataku is the Japanese table which is set in a room and living rooms. These are short-leg table made up of wood. Moreover, these are the traditional form of the table in Japan. Due to the table's short height, it has legless chairs or pillows for people to sit around Zataku.

Zataku table is the central piece of furniture. Many cartoons and dramas are showing Japanese-style or culture, which is a great thing. Because Japan is promoting its traditions and customs, it not only facilitates you in meals but gives a chance to be together with family. 

Uses of Zataku

In Japanese tradition, Zataku is used as a heated table as well as a coffee table. Some form of the blanket is put on the table in winters to cover the table, and the heater is heated under it. Also, family members sit there and spend time together. The heater and blanket are removed in the summers, and the Zataku table alone is set to have some coffee. 

Not only this, these tables are for having meals. In ancient times, tables set for guests. While now these tables are put in living rooms more.

Top Zataku tables

Mostly, the question asked where to buy a Zataku table? And what are the best Zataku table you can buy? So, here we have come up with those best ones. These Zataku tables are of different designs and different shapes. 


The Zataku table is from the company ISSEIKI. These are furniture manufacturers. Moreover, the table is made up of natural wood, Alder solid wood with proper finishing. Also, it can be used for multiple finishes. Even the legs are also alder solid wood, which can be folded. 

The dimensions of the table are 39.4-inches in width, 13.0-inch in height, and 39.4-inch in width.

The table development is done in Japan, while production is done at a factory in Vietnam. The staff did hard work and produced the best quality of furniture. 

So, it is best for those who want the folding table and excellent finishing.

2. Japanese Dining Table-Zataku

It is another Zataku that you can have, which is from BJDesign. The Zataku is made up of wood, which is known as Madera material in Japanese. It is a tremendous looking rectangular dining table with folding legs too. 

Moreover, the table has a urethane coating, which gives it an incredible look. The dimensions of table are 120cm x 75cm (height 34cm). 

If you are looking for a simple and elegant Zataku, you should try this one.

3. Zataku Style - BIRDROCK HOME Low Table

It is also the rectangular shape Zataku made up of Roble, Rosina material. The dimensions of the product are 39.4 x 21.7 inches (height 15.7 inches). 

Moreover, Zataku is beautifully made up of a side cavity, which gives an elegant and stylish look. One side has two legs. In comparison, another side has a block-shaped portion for proper support. 

If you are looking for a right-looking and unique style Zataku, you should check it out.

4. Winsome Baldwin Bed Tray japonesa-Zataku

Again, a great looking rectangular Zataku from BJDesign. Moreover, it is made up of natural wood and comes with a fantastic finishing. The light brown wood colour looks great. If we talk about size, the dimensions of Zataku are 47.2 in x 31.5 inches (height 13.8 inches). It has four short folding legs.

So, it is excellent for those who want some decent looking Zataku.

History of Zataku

These are the tables use for having dinner and lunch with family members. At the same time, the history of these tables is not that old. These Zataku tables started in the Meiji period. It was the time when Japan began trading with other countries. Through this, the national isolation of japan stopped. In short, you can see it was the most significant period because Japan's communication with the World started at that time.

Moreover, several merchandises come into Japan, and due to this, Japanese people face some changes in lifestyles. The introduction of the Zataku table was also one of the changes. And now, it became a custom of Japanese to have their meals on these tables.

While the difference was that Japanese people sit on the floor and low-legged table for their meals. Thus, Zataku was a mixture of half-western and half-Japanese compromise. But, the Zataku tables have legless chairs for sitting. Their people can sit while having a meal. Some use to sit on floor cushions too.


To conclude, the Zataku tables come from the Japanese tradition. These are short tables used for a family gathering, or you can say they are the family gathering source. In ancient times, all family members use to sit for meals and spend time together at the Zataku table. But now, the tradition is a bit low. These tables are not widely used. But, we have come up with some of these where you can buy Zataku tables.