Can you sleep under a kotatsu? Is it Safe there?

Kotatus is one of the most common and used pieces of furniture in Japanese homes. This is the thing that most Japanese people like having dinner on. But can you sleep under a kotatsu? 

I have been receiving this question constantly from you. Thus, I thought of answering it in this article.

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Kotatsu: A Quick Overview

In essence, kotatsu are heated tables that use space heaters to keep your lower body warm while eating. 

The center of the table has an electric heater installed so that diners' legs are near (but not in contact with) it. 

There is another traditional type of kotatsu as well that doesn’t use an electric heater to provide warmth but instead has charcoal burning under it. 

That’s the oldest type of kotatsu, which is rarely used now. Because most people have started using the upgraded kotatsu, which is better than the old one,

So, is it possible to sleep under a kotatsu table?

Sleeping on a kotatsu is possible. However, proceed with caution. It is not recommended to sleep directly underneath the blanket in order to avoid heat exhaustion or dehydration. It is possible to feel the intense heat from an electric kotatsu.

Additionally, the blanket must be taken off before going to bed because doing so while the kotatsu is on A central electric heater keeps diners' legs close to (but not in contact with) the heat source in the center of the table

How do you sleep under a kotatsu table?

Some of you may be wondering how to sleep comfortably under a kotatsu. So, let me explain. It is best to sleep on a thin mattress or futon underneath a kotatsu and remove the blanket once finished.

Because there is a fire burning beneath you, you may become engulfed in it (God forbid). Thus, by doing these two things, you’ll lessen the possibility of a fire while also ensuring your safety and comfort as you sleep.

Kotatsus can be an excellent way to stay warm throughout the winter, whether they are electric or conventional.

Take the safety measures mentioned above and be careful. Get comfortable in your kotatsu and enjoy the soothing heat!

Final words!

So, now you know whether or not you can sleep under a Kotatsu heated table. You also know the best way to sleep under the kotatsu table while taking proper precautions and safety precautions.

So, I guess your query has been answered. That’s all I had for you in this quick article. If you have any questions related to the topic, please let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to help you out.