Kotatsu Table - Traditional Japanese warm tables

Kotatsu are the traditional Japanese table with heating facility underneath. They are usually short heighted and are not too long or wide. Wish to be comfortable in the cold without disrupting your socialism? Or want to have the cozy desk table for odd working hours? No more suffering for the unlimited working or sitting. Now its time to heads up with the lengthy hour's tasks of family sittings or study or office work in winter.

Kotatsu table is significantly made to keep you warm & comfy to continue your odd hours working even. It’s a low wooden frame of the table along with its underneath electric heat source, roofed by futon (heavy blanket) upon which a table top take a bench.

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Usually, it is made up of wood. They are traditionally from Japan, but there is some variation used by other countries like Iran and China. Kotatsu tables have heating units installed beneath them to keep the top and surrounding warms. Kotatsu is used in Japanese on a large scale as the don't have central heating mechanisms. Initially, they were strong and unmovable. Nowadays they are movables because of use of latest technologies. There are different types of kotatsu tables. Types of kotatsu tables are according to the technology used for heating, shape, size and some other distinguishing points. Here we will study them.

When winter comes knocking at our doors we always think of something warm, cozy and hot to provide us the comfort of a comforter as well as the warmth of a room heater. Well guess what: This is exactly what the best Kotatsu tables of 2023 can do for you. What is a Kotatsu table? You might ask!


As the name suggests Kotatsu is a Japanese word and Kotatsu tables are made of table frames which are then covered by a warm blankets or insulated comforters and underneath those frames are the electric heaters that keep the people using them warm and cozy at the same time. So: Without further ado, let us have a look at the review of top Kotatsu tables of 2023. However, before we start talking about each and every Kotatsu table, let us first have a look at the criteria that worked behind our choice of Kotatsu tables featured on Amazon.

AZUMAYA KT-107 Kotatsu Heater Table

AZUMAYA KT-107 Kotatsu Heater Table

  • With Heater
  • Walnut wood rubber
  • Amazon Rating: 4.9/5  (88%=5 : 12%=4)
Warm and comfortable
Set4pc / Modern Rectangle Casual Heated table

Set4pc / Modern Rectangle Casual Heated table

  • Heater: AC 110 Voltage | 500-Watt
  • Size:75 x 75 x 43cm
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Best for sleeping, watching TV, playing games on
Full set
4pcs Kotatsu Full Set

4pcs Kotatsu Full Set

  • Heater with it
  • Futon with it
  • Floor mattress with it
  • Table Size: 75*75*38cm
Element for Kotatsu set
Replacement Heater

Replacement Heater

  • Heater size: Width 29 × depth 29 × height 4.1 cm
  • Watts: 600w
  • Quantity: (1) Only Heating unity
Top Pick
YAMAZEN Casual Kotatsu Japanese Heated Table

YAMAZEN Casual Kotatsu Japanese Heated Table

  • Size: 29.5 x 29.5 x 15.15 inches
  • Heater: MS-301HS (Voltage ‎100 Volts x Wattage ‎300 watts)
Best for 4 people
AZUMAYA Folding Legs Wooden Heater Table

AZUMAYA Folding Legs Wooden Heater Table

  • With heater: AC 100-Voltage ~ 300-Watt ~ 50-60Hz (MS-300HU) 
  • Big size: ‎35.43 x 19.69 x 14.17 inches
  • Material: ‎Natural Wood and AC Carbon Heater
Stylish Pick
YAMAZEN Reversible Kotatsu White

YAMAZEN Reversible Kotatsu White

  • Size: ‎29.5 x 29.5 x 15.15 inches
  • Heater: ‎300 watts
Blanket for Warm seating under table
EMOOR Kotatsu Futon Full Set

EMOOR Kotatsu Futon Full Set

  • with Shikifuton microfiber Rug Cover Comforter
  • Blanket Size: 71 x 87in (180 x 220cm)
  • Rug: 59 x 71in (150 x 180cm)
Only Futon
AZUMAYA Kotatsu Pinon Square FUTON

AZUMAYA Kotatsu Pinon Square FUTON

  • Only Futon Comforter 
  • Size: W32" x D32"
  • Material: Polyester
Low table as Kotatsu
Metro Heater 220V/600W With Fan Hand Temperature Control

Metro Heater 220V/600W With Fan Hand Temperature Control

  • Heat control system
  • 600w
  • Good quality
Voltage Transformer
Japanese Step Up/Down VT-500J

Japanese Step Up/Down VT-500J

  • Output: 100 Volts
  • Maximum Capacity: 500 Watts
  • Plug: K

Criteria of Selection

Here are the most importation reasons for the selection of a Kotatsu table in this review. Have a look at the factors that make a Kotatsu table better than other and yes, it is not only the quality of futon (the insulated quilt or blanket) or the type of heating system.

a. Full or in Part

The reason why I have lined up all the products from the Amazon is because Amazon reflects the customers’ trust in its quality and buyer protection.


While I have chosen all products from Amazon, all of them are not the Kotatsu tables, but some of them are the accessories. We cannot really compare a table with a futon  and a futon with a heating system. This is the reason why we take all these parts separately and we only compare two items to each other in case where both are of the same nature.

b. Height and Size of Tables

Tell you what:

While in case of dining tables or other tables the height and size do not make much difference, in case of Kotatsu tables, it is a big difference. A Kotatsu table is made for the people to sit around it, that too while they sit on bare or carpeted floor.

Also, the legs, especially when you go from sitting to sleeping, go under the table and in this case the height of table is a matter of special attention. Then comes the size of the tables. Some people prefer big and round tables to cover all lounge area surrounded by sofa sets and some would like relatively small and square tables, because they are easy to move and clean.

c. Type of Heating System

Well, there was a time in old and more traditional Japan when the heating systems for Kotatsu tables were made out of wood only, but not there are other options as plastic. As a matter of fact, most of time plastic made heating units are seen with Kotatsu tables. They are cost-effective and they do not burn coals, but they consume electricity.


The type of heating unit is yet another criterion.

d. Type of Futon


The cloth, comforter or quilt, call it whatever you want, is also not the same in every Kotatsu combination or system. A futon can be a blanket as well as a well-insulated quilt. The size of a futon should always be as per the size of your Kutatsu table and these few considerations make the difference when you start using your Kutatsu.

Top Kutatsu Tables & Equipment

Since I have explained, a Kuytatsu table is made of many different items, so if you want to buy Kutatsu table you must be sure whether you want to buy one complete set or you want to buy table, futon and the warming unit separately.

1. SUNGOLD Kotatsu Square (Sugsgk-75bk)

If you are looking for a Kotatsu table that is cheap as compared to that Kotatsu table Ikea sells, you can rely on this one. This table is the love of every lover of Japanese culture and way of living. While it is made from plastic, it is actually a very sturdy and useful Kotatsu table.

It comes with a 500 watts heating system, and although you will need batteries to run it, the batteries are not included in the box. It is made for 120 V. American voltage. The size of this Kotatsu table is 29.5 x 29.5 x 14.5 inches, and since it is not amade of some heavy material, the weight is only 37lbs.

The size of this table is perfect for a small family and roughly 3 to 4 people can easily enjoy this table, which limits its usage because big family and friend gatherings would have no use of this table. Last, but not the least, it is a made in Japan product and thus you should not be worried about the quality and longevity of the product.

MustMat Warm Kotatsu Table Wood Japanese Heated Table Square

What we like?

  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Made in Japan high quality item
  • Made as per the American Voltage of 120V
  • Good for a small family

What we don't like?

  • Problems with heat setting
  • Does not come with a futon

2. YAMAZEN ESK-751(B) Reversible Kotatsu Table & Futon

As the name suggests it is not a table but a futon and as you can tell by the pictures, it is a big and fluffy futon that will definitely raise your comfort level and the level of warmth in a ruthless and cold winter night. Since it does not include the table or the heater, the price is not justified unless you try this product and then your views might change, because we changed our views of the product after trying it.

It is still expensive for those who want to buy complete set up at an amount not exceeding $150.


In its 8.47lbs weight and 18.5 x 15 x 9.4 inches size, it is packed and loaded with high quality insulation that can make anyone feel a July in the midst of December. This product is also made in Japan and this is one of few good reasons why an American will buy it.

YAMAZEN ESK-751 full review

What we like?

  • Very high quality and thick insulation
  • Lightweight but very effective

What we don't like?

  • Very expensive price for only a futon

3. AZUMAYA Kotatsu Folding Table - Full Set

This is futon to use above the table, it is thick blanket type thing. This futon is made up of Polyester Material and the table is sperate. You have to buy a table, futon, heater and voltage transfer to set up all things.

Good is a Kotatsu table that does its job and best is the table that comes with folding legs so you can fold the table for easy storage. The Kotatsu table offered by AZUMAYA is definitely amazing in a few different ways. Its legs can be folded for easy storage and it is not a square table, so it can easily accommodate more than 4 people.

Plus or minus 6 people can sit snugly around this table and celebrate family and friendship as well as warm and cozy winters. You can use this table in two ways: remove the top, place the futon and use it as a Kotatsu table or simply use it as a sitting lounge table.

Amaumaya Japanese low style table for winter

This table is made of natural solid rubberwood and Walnut veneer, with a beautiful finish that will complement your living room. The Kotatsu heater that comes with this table has AC current of 100 Voltage with an on/off power switch and manual knob for temperature control.

As far as the weight of this product is concerned, it weighs at 41.9lbs and the dimensions are 47.5 x 28.5 x 7.5 inches.

What we like?

  • Table can be folded for storage
  • It can be used as a coffee table as well as Kotatsu table
  • Table is made of wood and it has a very rich wooden look to it
  • All in all a lightweight product

What we don't like?

  • It does not come with futon

4. YAMAZEN ESK-751(B) Square (Black & White)

Here’s the deal:

If buy this table on recommendation of this review, you will like it. It is not that there aren’t any cons of this Kotatsu table, but it is no doubt one of the top Kotatsu tables of 2023.

For starters:

This table has 63 customer reviews on Amazon USA, which is something like an impossibility for a Japanese traditional product on Amazon.

Over 60 people reviewed this product and 4.5-star rating tell why this product is ‘Amazon’s Choice’.

This table weighs at 28.2lbs which makes it one of the lightweight Kokatsu tables on Amazon and its dimensions are 32.5 x 30 x 4 inches.

YAMAZEN ESK-751 white floor table

With a 100 volts heater that works on 300 Watts, its heater is perfectly suitable to your needs. From single person use to as many as 4, this table can accommodate your family for family time or a quick nap.

This device comes with an intermediate on-off switch, which is preferred more by American users, as compared to its counterpart the two-way switch. A 3 meters’ power cord will easily connect the heater to the nearest power socket. If you buy this table from Amazon, you get a complimentary power cord storage box.

What we like?

  • Sturdy and comfortable table with good capacity
  • Reversible tabletop – darl grey > light grey and vice versa
  • Does not need a transformer – sort of plug n’ play product
  • Complimentary power cord storage box

What we don't like?

  • Careless packaging seems to be a norm
  • Substandard wood comes as damaged and chipped off

5. EMOOR Microfiber Kotatsu Futon Set

We have talked a lot about futons and how they help us keep ourselves warm and how we immerse deeper into the coziness of these insulated quilts, but we have seldom discussed the rug that is considered an essential part of a Kotatsu table.

Traditionally, the table must be placed on the rug so people may sit easily (no having to sit on bare floor) and then on table the futon is placed and on that is placed the removable top on which desserts, coffee, tea or laptops etc. can be placed.

EMOOR Microfiber blanket and comforter

Well, this set includes both integral parts of Kotatsu table (not table and heater), the futon and the rug. The best thing about this product is your liberty to buy one of so many different-colored futons available at the same price.

The microfiber futon is filled of soft and smooth microfiber that makes it a hot and comfy quilt that everyone looks forward to in winter. You can use the rug as a part of Kotatsu set up, or use it separately in your room or lounge. However, this rug is also insulated to a certain level so your buttocks would not hurt while sitting over it. The bottom side of the rug is non-skid so there is no chance sliding or skidding.

100% polyester is used in the making of this rug and futon, and outside is fluffy microfiber. The weight of this product is 12.12lbs included both: futon and the rug, and the dimensions of both are 79 x 79 inches and 75 x 75 inches respectively.

What we like?

  • Combo of futon and rug
  • Beautiful colors and patterns
  • Super soft, lofty and warm

What we don't like?

  • Does not include the table and heater

6. AZUMAYA Kotatsu Futon Pinon Square 75 N (Blanket)

Yet another product from the same company. Well, I had to add this to our review because AZUMAYA products are the benchmark of Japanese quality and durability. This table-futon is square, and rectangular, and it can be folded and it can only be used as a Kotatsu blanket. You can fold the table cover to make it easy to store.


This does not mar other qualities of this table. For example, you can remove the table top and after applying futon use it as a Kotatsu or just use as a beautiful wooden center table. Use it as an all season coffee table or make all other possible uses and when winter comes, just remove the top once to set futon and you are good to with a high quality Kotatsu.

Azumaya Kotatsu Futon Square (75 x 75 Inches) Brown KK-101BR 100% made of Polyester Fabric

This table does not come with futon as that has to be bought separately, but it comes with a heater 100 Voltage that can work perfectly find with American current.

The weight of AZUMAYA Square Kotatsu table is only 35.3lbs and its dimensions are 30 x 30 x 15 inches.

What we like?

  • Easily adjustable heater makes you feel warm and cozy as per your level of satisfaction
  • Its wooden look complements other furniture at home
  • It is a lightweight table so moving it is not a big issue
  • Ready to work with US Voltage

What we don't like?

  • Table is a bit small to accommodate longer people
  • Table cannot be folded like other AZUMAYA table

7. Metro Replacement Heater 600W

We all need good quality electric heaters for our Kitatsu or other methods of keeping us or our room warm. No one burns a coal these days; this is why electric heaters are the way to go. With only 3.31lbs weight and 11.4 x 11.4 x 1.6 inches size, this electric heater is exactly what you want to replace the old and faulty electric heater of your Kotatsu table.

It has a 600 W heating set up with a U form quartz tube heating rod. In order to control the temperature (increase or decrease the heat of this heater), it offers a manual control. With thermal and current fuses, you do not need to worry about the safe functioning of this device.

It has a 3-meter power cord that can easily access any nearby power socket and this is all that you need for this heating device to work.

Metro Replacement Heater for low table

What we like?

  • High quality electric heater replacement for Kotatsu table
  • Thermal and current fuses make it very safe for daily usage
  • Standard size for better heating

What we don't like?

  • A voltage downstepper is needed to make it safe for American Voltage
  • Expensive

8. Metro Replacement Heater 500W

This is just another heater from Metro, but if you look carefully you will find out that the wattage is lesser than the previous one. This one is a 500W electric heater for Kotatsu table.

"Company claims that this product is certified for being a frustration free product."

The weight of this product is only 4.01lbs and the dimensions are 15 x 11 x 2.1 inches. As you can see, these are bigger than standard Kotatsu table heater’s size dimensions.

As for other specs about power and handling, they are the same as given in 600W heater review above. Although the instructions given with the box are in Japanese, it is still very easy to set up the heater watching the illustrations in the user manual.

best Japanese kotatsu heater for floor table 500w for using under table

Even at lowest settings of heat, this heater works very well and the metal does not cause burns and scars. Yet, the best thing is its fan which is actually quite quiet and except very little humming one does not hear much.


A transformer is needed in addition to this set up because this American voltage is higher than the Japanese one.

What we like?

  • High quality heater for Kotatsu
  • Metal does not get hot and thus there is no problem of burn or scars
  • Heavy duty material reduces the risk of a shot circuit
  • Very easy to set

What we don't like?

  • It is expensive
  • It might need a transformer considering voltage in your area

9. Metro Replacement Heater 600E(K)


Metro seems to be the best brand from replacement heaters form Kokatsu tables. Isn’t it? This is third one of them and this one is also a good quality replacement in case your Kokatsu table’s heater has stopped working.


I have not yet told you the biggest plus point of all these Metro replacement heaters. With them, you can turn any ordinary table into a Kotatsu table. All you need is a futon and you know you always have to get it separately.

Japanese heaters for wood materials which dont damage woods

It is a u-shaped and thin heater that comes deodorized and if someone knows some basic DIY, it can be converted into an automatic heater.

What we like?

  • Made by a reliable brand
  • Thin and lightweight
  • U-shaped heater for better coverage

What we don't like?

  • New product with little to no information given about it

10. GWILT Rectangular Kotatsu Table

I know:

You must be wondering why all the tables in this review are hardly good for 4 people and why there is not a table to accommodate a bigger family or friends gathering.


For those who want a Kotatsu table for a bigger gathering, here is this table by GWILT: a not so famous brand that offers a Kotatsu table with very rich features.

To start with, the heater connected with this table as one-year warranty and it comes with a temperature gauge which will tell you how high or low is the temperature, so you can adjust as per your requirements.

Japanese heaters for wood materials which dont damage woods

In terms of design this is a very rich table. Black glass worked between two equally long and wide wooden planks give a very rich and traditional look. This table comes in different sizes, but the one we can buy from Amazon is 47.2 x 31.5 x 15.4 inches.

Rubber wood, 5 mm thick tempered glass, and printed fiberboard make it look like a Yakuza table. The heater attached to the bottom side of table top takes 510 Watts electricity and the switches are intermediate.

What we like?

  • Big table for more than 6 people
  • It has a VVIP look to it because of lavish materials
  • Gauge to check temperature and change it
  • Deodorized heater with intermittent switch

What we don't like?

  • New product with no clue of good or poor quality


There were top ten Kotatsu tables and other equipments. It is hard to say as to which one is the best because each of the products is a mixed bag of everything.


While taking the buying decisions pay attention to your requirements and see if the product has good reviews. I would recommend EMOOR futon and rug because you get two in one item and because the product has full 5-star rating.

I would also suggest YAMAZEN square black table because it is listed as ‘Amazon’s Choice’ and because it has a 4.5-star customer rating.

In terms of heaters, METRO’s 500W heater sticks out with 4.5-star rating and 17 reviews on it. Same company’s 600W replacement heater is also suggested because although it has only 6 reviews, but the rating is full 5-star one.

Here is the tutorial on the DIY kotatsu table for yourself using your scrap stuff.

Last, but not the least:

Avoid buying a product with zero reviews or a product with a few reviews and a rating less than 4 stars. This will be all folks; happy winters.

Amazing workbench!

Either you need to dine or want to hold the electronics for your use- this Japanese heated table has the AMPLE top space to accommodate all you need to entertain or work. Likewise you may use it as eating surface or as the wonderful work table. One of the most striking properties of it -you may use it to have the cozy nap. Awe-inspiring.

Shop for kotatsu tables!

Even if your home lacks the proper insulation due to some reason then this product will be the IDEAL for you. As the heat that it generates keep you warm enough to sit in the place where heating is less than you need. In such situations, this proves to be the faithful companion in moderate price. So enjoy all that you want to have on this folding table.


  • With folding frame.
  • Offer you the table surface.
  • Keep you warm.
  • Cover you with the blanket if you need.
  • Can be used in small room space.
  • Comfortable & balanced.
  • Reliable.
  • User-friendly.
  • Compatible with the changing layouts of the interior.

How it look like?

Indeed its beautiful reversible folding table as the combination of the followings:

  1. Folding table frame.
  2. Consists of a sort of blanket coverage on the top.
  3. With the table surface on the top.
  4. Heater unit on the lower side.

Despite it is available in the variety of shapes and colors. Its shape might be rectangular or oval or round. In the same way, its futon might be in the wide range of colors and patterns to make it pleasant in look. The heater with its 100 voltage provides enough heat to make you warm in the cold nights. Under the table, you have enough room to stretch your body while doing something for the long hours.

I remember the December when my office project took two consecutive nights to be completed. However this supple not only help me to do my work as fast as I can with its balanced & proper table top but also relax me while in that pressure of my work in the small spaced room. Thanks to the kotatsu that let me the TOPPER on that project!

Wonderful worktable!

Even you may spend time-consuming meetings with it so easily that NOTHING can disrupt your enjoyment. No matter you want to play games for the long time on the same table with the group of your friends-surely it is DURABLE enough to let you fun together.

You may carry it where ever you want! You may use it in the camps or traveling. Undeniably it promises you all its functionality where ever you want to have. Do not you think it's like the magical item that serves all in the quite relaxing & enjoyable way? Definitely, it adds to your pleasures 100%. For deep detail of each of its part need to explore its GREAT RANGE VARIETY of each of its part.

1. Electric Kotatsu with Heating unit

Electric Kotatsu is the latest version of Japanese Kotatsu table. This is the latest method of heating. In this method, a small heater is placed at the bottom of the table. Moreover, the electric kotatsu is then installed near electrical supply. Best of all you may buy it separately from the futon and other parts of the table. While online this table is available with the heater or without the heater. You may have the one of your preference.

Well, its heater is fixed on the lower side of the table. More to the point its heaters exit in 120V or 230 V. Yet you need to be cautious to touch the heater because it may cause serious burns due to your carelessness. When you need to replace the heater you may do it without many efforts. Everyone like you can set it back ONLY by detaching the screws and setting the new heater unit. See how simple?!

Electric Kotatsu table
Kotatsu 2

Check Price for kotatsu tables!

2. Charcoal Kotatsu

Charcoal Kotatsu is the traditional kotatsu. It uses a vessel filled with charcoal underneath the table. Sometimes vessels are used and sometimes it is through pit under the table and then burning charcoals are placed there. The pit is about 40 cm deep. However such Kotatsu is usually fixed.

image 4
image 5
image 6

Check Price for kotatsu tables!

3. Quilted Kotatsu

Such a kotatsu which has quilt or blanket around it is known as a quilted kotatsu. That quilt usually covers sides of the table. This enables to retain the heat inside the table. Such quilts are then used to keep one`s body warm when legs are placed inside the table. That kotatsu then served as a bed. This kotatsu comes in a set with a quilt and table with the heating unit.

Its table frames or bases available on Amazon in many shapes and colors. But overall featured with.

  • Sound structure.
  • Solid with finishing touch.
  • Not fixed.
  • Flat & smooth surface.
  • Easy to clean & maintain.
  • Flexible to use.

Thus it's lovely to use whenever & wherever you want! The usual Japanese tables are about 40 centimeter or 16 inches in height.

image 7
image 8
image 9

For the more convenience, you may buy the complete table set to have the more flexibility in its prices. Too, you may have its constitution as per your choice & need. No doubt Japanese made it according to their own lifestyles like low height, with heater, and best to sit on the floor in the winter. but its making and use may be according to your mood and styles. Be smart to use this multipurpose table compatible to all weather extremities. Really awesome!

4. Kotatsu Futons or Blankets

Futon Kotatsu table is another variation of kotatsu tables. In this futons are used to cover the sides of the table. The futon is more massive and mattress like quilts which provide more thermal energy than regular. Moreover, they are helpful in retaining heats and saving that greatly. Microfibers are used to manufacture futon which gives extra warmth and more comfort. They are usually in sets in which top futon, floor mat and kotatsu tables are included. (Shikibuton Mattresses futons are worth to check.).

image 10
image 11
image 12

Its table runs over mat or blanket available in different modish look.

  • Several colors.
  • Printed or plain.
  • Woolen or cotton.
  • Round or square or rectangular in shapes.
  • Fluffy & soft.
  • Differently sized.
  • Quilted or plain.

Futons might be of many sizes or shapes according to your table frame needs but will be equal in comfort and strength in each style and shape. No compromise for QUALITY & SOOTHE. Moreover Japanese not only made it for winter you may use it for summer also. Plus you may remove the futon completely or may carry on lightweight stuff over it for the summer. Preference is your choice!

Shop for kotatsu futons !

5. Movable and Fixed Kotatsu

All the above-mentioned types are either movable or immovable. The movable kotatsu has small area light weight and with low pressure. They are usually for living rooms and drawing rooms. Most of the moveable kotatsu uses the electric heating unit as they are light weight competitively and are easy to carry. Moreover, quilted kotatsu is preferred for moveable kotatsu. You can also buy this from buy website.

image 13
image 14
image 15

Kotatsu Table tops

Like other parts, it also offers you many styles in colors & shapes. For the more convenience, you may buy the complete table set to have the more flexibility in its prices. Too, you may have its constitution as per your choice & need.

No doubt Japanese made it according to their own lifestyles like low height, with heater, and best to sit on the floor in the winter …but its making and use may be according to your mood and styles. Be smart to use this multipurpose table compatible to all weather extremities. Really awesome!

Briefly this matchless table will be beneficial for anyone as it's the perfect table in its SIMPLICITY.

  • Diverse in its function.
  • Solid and pleasant.
  • Affordable price.
  • Unique.

Enjoy its uniqueness with the matchless reliability of Amazon. Come on! Make your odd timing of entertainments & toils HEALTHIER & MEMORABLE with this OUTSTANDING & EXCLUSIVE Kotatsu table.

On the other hand, fixed kotatsu are of great help. The concept of a central heating system is not so common in Japan. So kotatsu serves as heating units in severe winters. In this regard, it is used in bedrooms. Especially a guest room must have this type kotatsu.

The concept of kotatsu is not new to the world. However, as we told you that kotatsu are special items of Japan. In Spain or Iran, they have their variation like in Iran they use korsi. You may also buy these items using ebay shop

Where to Buy Kotatsu table?

Do you want to buy your Kotatsu in your country like the UK, Australia, Canada and the USA?


There are many options available for the USA audience to buy this heating table. Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Ikea, and Aliexpress.


If you belong to Sydney or other cities in Australia, you can buy this Japanese table from Amazon.au.


If you are living in the United Kingdom, you can easily buy cheap Kotatsu from Amazon.uk. And we have compared the tables by price, heating units and much more features on top of the article.


If you are from Vancouver, Canada, you must check the Amazon.ca section. Or you can click any product link on our website, and it will lead you to .ca domain of amazon where you can easily get your warm kotatsu desk.

The Philippines

If you are a big fan of Kotatsu but lives in an area like Philipines and Singapore, then it's hard to get this heating table. But some online stores are still reselling it. It may cost a little higher than average. Check shoppe.ph

New Zealand

I know New Zeland for cricket, the cold weather with a lot of green areas. You may check Aliexpress to get kotatsu heating table.


Indian people can easily buy this comfy futon table from Amazon.in website. Once you click on the link we have provided with every product, you will be redirected towards the right domain according to your country.

Note: We are going to launch our own store soon, we will able to ship worldwide!!



Q#1. Can you sleep under a kotatsu?

The simple answer is yes; one can sleep under a kotatsu. However, it is recommended that it should not be used for an overnight long sleep, but just naps. There are many reasons for this. One is that one may accidentally touch the heating source during the sleep and the fact that the table is low, makes the likelihood of this happening very high. Another is that the body is not covered fully by the kotatsu and hence, this leads to uneven heating. Moreover, it is generally believed that sleeping under the kotatsu may lead to a cold or a fever.

Q#2. What is a kotatsu table?

A kotatsu is a low table, which is covered by a heavy blanket or a light mattress from all sides. Underneath the table, a heat source, which is usually electrical is placed and the blanket or mattress makes it possible for all that heat generated to be trapped inside. This method of heating is mainly used in Japan.

Q#3. What are Japanese tables called?

Japanese tables are called Chabudai. What is unique about Chabudai is that it is a table low in height, hence users have to sit on the floor, or even zabuton or tatami, to use it. This table usually comes with the option of collapsing its legs, so that it portable and easy to store. It is not only used for eating purposes, but also for working and studying.

Q#4. What is Horigotatsu?

Horigotatsu is a type of traditional Japanese table. Like the Kotatsu and the Chabudai, it is low in height and is commonly found in Japanese restaurants. The Horigotatsu has a recessed floor below which allows users to freely move and stretch their legs, allowing them comfort as a result.

Q#5. Who invented the kotatsu?

The origin and use of the kotatsu go back to the 14th century. During the Muromachi period, in the 14th century, a mechanism known as Irori was used for cooking purposes mainly. Then during the Edo Period, in the 17th century, it was further developed and used for heating. 

Q#6. Why do the Japanese sit on the floor?

The main reason why the Japanese sit on the floor is a tradition and that tradition is more specifically known as the Tatami Culture. Earlier, the Japanese had tatami as a type of flooring and because the tatami was not a solid floor, it could not hold the heavyweight of chairs, hence, the Japanese used floor seats as an alternative. Another main reason for is to prevent wasteful use of space by having a lot of furniture.

Since Japan is a small country and since many lived in small spaces, this was a necessity at times. Moreover, the fact that Japan is more prone to having tsunamis and earthquakes is another reason why the Japanese prefer the floor. Since there won’t be much furniture, should such a natural disaster occur, it could lead to fewer injuries and also lead to a quick getaway.

Q#7. What does tatami mean in Japanese?

Tatami is a traditional type of floor covering originating from Japan. It is a rush-covered straw mat.

Q#8. What do Japanese people say when leaving a restaurant?

When leaving a restaurant in Japan, it is considered polite to say “Gochisosama deshita” to the staff. It means “It tasted great, thank you.”

Q#9. Why do the Japanese remove their shoes?

The main reason why the Japanese sit on the floor is a tradition. The Tatami Culture further reinforces this. Because they sit on the floor to eat (using tatami) and also use the floor to sleep (using the futon), they take their shoes off to keep the space clean and avoid any making the floor filthy. The shoes are taken off in the Genkan (the entrance of the house or apartment) and are often replaced with Uwabaki (slippers).  

Q#10. What is a Tatami room used for?

A tatami room is used for many purposes. Traditionally, it was used for guests and also to conduct religious ceremonies. For homes, it serves as a sleeping or relaxing area. For temples, it used for studying purposes. It is also used for meditation and yoga.

Q#11. What is high top seating?

High top seats are generally different than seats used on tables. As the name suggests, they are higher and are more commonly used in bars.

Q#12. How do you sit on a tatami?

There are 2 main ways of sitting on the tatami. One way is cross-legged; this is for casual settings. Another way is Seiza; this is for formal settings. This requires bending the legs and sitting on them, with the feet crossed under one’s bottom.

Q#13. How do you eat the most food in one sitting?

One can east the most food in one sitting by doing the following; eating quickly, thinking about something else, have less water during the meal.

Q#14. Can you walk and eat in Japan?

Walking and eating in Japan at the same time is only allowed in some places. It is normally considered impolite to do so. One of the Japanese manners that must be kept in mind when considering this is; ikkai ichi dousa, which means one thing at a time. In places like temples and shrines, eating and walking at the same time is extremely frowned upon. However, there are exceptions to this, such as; festivals and carnivals. 

Q#15. How long is a table that seats 12?

The following should be the minimum dimensions: 10'6" x 4' (320 x 122cm).

Q#16. Is it rude to sit cross-legged in Japan?

It is not rude to sit cross-legged in Japan only in casual settings. However, informal settings, sitting cross-legged is considered rude and arrogant. This is as a result of the Tatami Culture.

Q#17. Is sitting seiza healthy?

Seiza simply serves social aspects, there are no special advantages to it.

Q#18. Why do Japanese sit in Vajrasana?

The Japanese sit in Vajrasana (which is a meditative posture) because of the following advantages; rousing speedy digestion, increasing flexibility.

Are kotatsu safe?

Kotatsu are generally safe when used properly and according to the manufacturer's instructions. However, as with any electrical appliance, there are some safety precautions that should be followed to minimize the risk of accidents or injury. Here are some safety tips for using a kotatsu:

  1. Do not leave the kotatsu unattended when it is turned on.

  2. Do not use the kotatsu as a substitute for a heater in a poorly insulated room.

  3. Do not place the kotatsu near any flammable materials, such as curtains or furniture.

  4. Do not use the kotatsu with an extension cord or power strip.

  5. Do not touch the heating element with your bare skin, as it can cause burns.

  6. Keep the kotatsu away from children and pets, as they may accidentally get burned or tangled in the cords.

By following these safety tips, you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of a kotatsu without worrying about potential hazards.