Kotatsu Heaters and Alternatives

In most of the cases, in human history, we have noticed how the culture, cuisine, language and religion of the aggressors made a great impact on the subject nation.

However, the Japanese made an exception, in a sense, and their culture has its marks on North American and European cultures. The much known Kotatsu table, futon and other accessories of the set up is a great example of the same.

In this review, I will review Kotatsu heaters on Amazon, their alternatives available on the Amazon and what to look for when buying a Kotatsu or under desk heater.


Here is a comparative analysis of all the products – in the form of a table:


Best Kotatsu Heater - Japanese Heaters

What’s Special?





Bestseller Kotatsu Heater

Metro 500W



Handheld electronic control

Best Overall Kotatsu Warmer

Metro 600W



Handheld electronic control

Best Kotatsu Alternative Heater

DeLonghi HMP1500


Kit for mounting

Mechanical control

Best Overall Replacement of Kotatsu Heater



Separately sold mountable panel

Aeotic Nano Switch/Insteon power control module based on Android

Best Power-saving Kotatsu Alternative Heater



Installation kit

Plug-in Thermostat

Best Budget Kotatsu Alternative Heater



Installation kit

Manual switch & built-in thermostat

Best Quick Installation Kotatsu Alternative Heater



Ezymount brackets – no drilling

Manual switch & built-in thermostat

Why this review isn’t All About Kotatsu Heaters?


Admit this or not, but I know that if you’re interested in buying accessories of your lavish Kotatsu table, you want to stick to the tradition and use the typical Kotatsu heater.


The problem is that thee are only 2 proper Kotatsu heaters listed on the Amazon. Also, there are no traditional Kotatsu heaters Sensu Stricto.

The small mountable heaters that can be mounted on the ceiling of the table are usually used as Kotatsu table heaters.

For the purpose of inclusivity and diversity, and because there were only 2 heaters termed as “kotatsu heaters”, we decided to include those that work exactly like the 2 Kotatsu heaters.

You can mount them on a wall, under the desk or on the ceiling of the table.

1. Metro 500W - Bestseller Kotatsu Heater

Every heater is based on a different model; this one and the other Kotatsu heater from Metro that I’ll discuss in a jiffy, are based on less energy consuming and heater fan model.

It has a u-shaped heating rod and a fan that spread warmth underneath the table when the family or friends sit around it.

The best kind of controllers that can come with such devices are handheld controllers. You can easily find a controller on the cord, while Android devices and fixed thermostat aren’t as easily accessible as this one.

What we like?

  • 500W Power
  • Heater Fan
  • Multi-purpose
  • Real Kotatsu Fan

What we don't like?

  • Heating Could be Better
  • Material Could be Sturdier

2. Metro 600W - Best Overall Kotatsu Heater

Metro 600W is just another real Kotatsu heater and there is nothing different from Metro 500W; except this one is more powerful and delivers better heating in little time.

It has got an overall 4.3/5-star rating and because of this rating, reviews and that fact that it is a real Kotatsu heater, I consider this 2nd best Kotatsu heater that anyone can get from Amazon.

Again, the only difference that makes this two Kotatsu and the remainder just “Kotatsu alternatives” is them being electric rod + air heaters. None of the other heaters has a fan.

What we like?

  • Protective Lining
  • Real Kotatsu Heater
  • Better Heating
  • Easy Installation

What we don't like?

  • Material Could be Sturdier
  • Substandard Controller
  • No Transformer/Voltage Adaptor Needed – Although this is a highly capable and powerful heater with 600W intake, there is nothing to worry about. The heater, the wires and the controller never get overheated and you’d never need a transformer or adaptor.
  • Much Warmer than Others – Because of its 600W electricity requirement and the fan next to the U-shaped rod, this heater not only generates more heat than a few others on this list (and Kotatsu 500), but it also spreads heat faster.
  • Velvety Fabric Lining on Metal – To protect you and your family from getting burn injuries or scars and also to make it electrocution proof, the metal on the outsides of this fan is covered by a think velvety fabric lining.
  • One Frame for U Rod and Fan – Both, the heating unit and the fan are enclosed in one frame so while both work freely within their limits, they do not take much space and you see that the entire system is encased in a brief frame.
  • Roller Dial Control – These fans have roller dial controls instead of thermostats.

3. DeLonghi HMP1500 - Best Kotatsu Alternative Heater


Let us suppose that you do not buy a proper Kotatsu heater for one or two reasons and you prefer a multi-purpose heater with advanced technology as well as sleek and stylish looks.

If that is the case, I would advise you to go for DeLonghi HMP1500 heater – it is the best Kotatsu alternative and multi-purpose heater that you can get.

This is a kind of all-in-one heater. You can place it anywhere and it will heat a large room in very little time – with its multidirectional warmth. The easy-mount kit that comes with this heater can be used to mount it on the ceiling on your Kotatsu table or any other table.

It has got over 2,000 happy customers and really good reviews.

What we like?

  • Multi-purpose
  • 1500W Heating Power
  • Easy to Mount
  • Multidirectional Warmth

What we don't like?

  • Extra Caution and Care for Kotatsu Use
  • Noisy
  • 1500W Heating Power – This machine packs 1500W heating power – while this is insane and your table’s “underground” does not need this much heat, remember that you can always control the heat and that this is not made only for Kotatsu use.
  • Sleek & Stylish Look – So, what you look at when you get this heater from Amazon, is a sleet and stylish – considerably thin heater that will complement both home as well as office.
  • Multi-purpose – Remember, by nature, it is not a Kotatsu heater – it is because of our innovative thinking and its wall-mount kit and feature that we can use it as Kotatsu. Otherwise, you can place it on the floor or mount on any wall.
  • Adjustable Thermostat & Heat Settings – Unlike our Kotatsu heaters, this one does not only have a thermostat, but you can choose between multiple heat settings. It can be very hot at times, so it is suggested that while using as a Kotatsu heater, make sure that you keep the heat very low.

4. Cozy – Best Overall Kotatsu a Alternative Heater

Cozy puts its money where its mouth is – it is indeed a highly effective, warm and cozy heater that just takes 150W energy and provides you more than enough heat and warmth whether you use it like a Kotatsu heater or not.

It has got 400+ happy customers and an Amazon’s Choice tag because it is not easy for a heater to take less energy and provide more the required warmth.

Just like the previously reviewed heater, this one also has a very sleek and stylish design. It’s thin frame makes it ultra-suitable for Kotatsu use.

What we like?

  • Just 150Watts Intake
  • Mountable
  • Gentle Heat
  • Safer Than Others

What we don't like?

  • Mounting Stand Sold Separately
  • Substandard Finish
  • 150 Watts Only – The best thing about this heater is that it takes too little energy – if you buy this heater, you’d drastically cut your bill. Even though it takes only 150 watts, it heats a room just like any other good quality heater.
  • Wall or Desk Mountable – This heater is a multi-purpose heater like the abovementioned one. It can be placed on the floor or mounted on a wall, desk or your Kotatsu table’s ceiling.
  • Safer than Others – The best part about this non-Kotatsu heater, which makes it just as good as a Kotatsu heater, is that it does not have exposed heating coils or panels. This makes it better than other non-Kotatsu heaters.
  • Built-in Thermostat – The heat settings control and thermostat are built-in so the people sitting around the table would not have to leave the warmth of this heater and the futon, only to increase or decrease the temperature.

5. EconoHome – Best Power-Saving Kotatsu Substitute Heater


Before we review this heater, I owe an explanation to you. This heater takes 400 Watts power, while Cozy takes only 150 Watts, so technically Cozy should be more power saving, right?

Well, as per EconoHome’s claim, their unique design saves 50% of the heating cost and since this thing comes with a high-end thermostat, they appear to be somewhat true in their claims.

This heater got an Amazon’s Choice tag and 200+ happy customers.

What we like?

  • Electricity Bill Saving
  • Quite Heating
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Sleek Design

What we don't like?

  • Substandard Frame
  • Stink
  • Saving of Heating Cost – The 400-Watt heating intake does not result in as bigger an electricity bill as we expect. The technology used in this heater saves your bill big time. Although 50% saving seems to be an exaggeration.
  • Adjustable Thermostat & Heat Reflector – This heater comes with a plug-in and adjustable thermostat – a high-quality thermostat can reduce the bill and facilitate the user with better control on heating.
  • Safe Heating – Although the wiring and everything is already high quality and the heating is safe, you can still buy a Heat Guard accessory from the same company and make your Kotatsu experience even safer. Also, this heater does not have exposed coils as it was in the case of DeLonghi.
  • Sleek & Stylish Design - Following the suit – this heater is also made in a very sleek and stylish style. From the looks of it, it appears similar to a food scale.
  • Quiet & Effective Heating – Another amazing feature – we do not like noisy heaters. This heater does not have a fan or loud electric coils. It provides you with an effective, calm and quiet heating.

6. Sengoku – Best Budget Kotatsu Replacement Heater

Sengoku is another 150W under desk, mountable mini heater, with gentle heat and no hot surface.

It is small, think and sleek heater with no hot surface – while some people might say that 150W is underpowered and perhaps they want better heating power, the Sengoku heater is good because it provides you good heat under the table.

The best thing about this heater is that it is a budget heater – it is the most affordable heater on this list.

What we like?

  • Best Budget Heater
  • Multi-purpose
  • Gentle Heat
  • No Hot Surfaces

What we don't like?

  • Underpowered for Use in Wide Area
  • Auto-turns Off

7. Amaze-Heater - Best Quick Installation Replacement of Kotatsu Heater

Last, but not the least, Amaze-Heater really amazes one by its quick installation and moderate heat under the desk space.

Like the majority of heaters in this review, this one can be also be used in many different ways. Put it on the floor, mount it on your desk’s wall or on the ceiling of your Kotatsu table.

In case you’re worried about the backside of the heater (that you might want to bolt to the ceiling of your Kotatsu table), it does not get hot and you can even touch it – so it is perfect for Kotatsu usage.

What we like?

  • Ezymount Quick Installation
  • Energy Saving
  • Constant Warmth
  • Best for Kotatsu Usage

What we don't like?

  • No Heat Control
  • Requires Mounting Setup
  • Ezymount Brackets – The best thing about this heater is the Ezymount brackets. You do not need to drill holes in the desk and you can use the brackets. The installation can be done in as low as 5 minutes.
  • 100 Watts Power – It is one of the most electricity efficient heaters – with as low as 100 watts intake, it saves your bill big time.
  • Built-in Thermostat – The thermostat is built-in and you get an automatically maintained warmth. While you cannot control it, all you need to know is that such heaters are made to keep legs and feet warm – and they only have a gentle heat.


So, which of these 7 Kotatsu heaters and their alternatives are the best? Well, this depends a lot on everyone’s personal opinion and requirements.

As per our comparative table, here are the three best Kotatsu heaters that we can find from this list:

  • Metro 600Wbest real Kotatsu heater, better heating than
  • Metro 500W – second-best real Kotatsu heater, more power-efficient than the other one
  • Cozybest non-Kotatsu heater for Kotatsu use, smart heat control with Android app

Remember, you might need to separately get bolts and frame to use a non-Kotatsu heater just like a Kotatsu one. The best thing about almost all these Kotatsu heaters is that they do not emit too much heat on the backside – and backside can be touched easily.