Why are Kotatsu so expensive? All Of the Reasons Explained!

There is nothing better than having dinner at the kotatsu table. It’s so satisfying to feel warmth in your lower body while enjoying your favourite food. 

Kotatsu is more expensive than normal table, because it has full setup. Its not JUST ONE Table. It Has 4-5 Items that made up to Full Kotatsu SET.

However, one thing that you guys must have noticed is that kotatsu tables are quite expensive. Why are kotatsu so expensive? You must be wondering about this.

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Since this article is going to answer your question, make sure you stay around until the end.

Why are kotatsu so expensive?

The reason why kotatsu are expensive is that they’re made of high-quality material. Kotatsu are more expensive than other types of tables because they are built using high-quality components and craftsmanship.

All materials were carefully selected for their durability and heat-retention capacity, including wood, metal, and fabric. The initial cost of a kotatsu is more than repaid over time, since they are built to last for many years.

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In addition, Kotatsu tables require more complicated production procedures. The table's heating device, known as the hibachi, should be properly positioned underneath and integrated into its design. Knowledge and experience are both expensive to acquire.

The last reason, and the reason for the Kotatsu's high price, is its popularity and demand. The Kotatsu tables are in huge demand in Japan. As you guys know, the more demand there is for a thing, the more expensive it is.

Final Words

So you understand why Kotatsu is so expensive.That’s all I had for you in this piece of writing. If you have any more questions related to the topic, then please let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to help you out.