Kotatsu Tables

Kotatsu are the traditional Japanese table with heating facility underneath. They are usually short heighted and are not too long or wide. Wish to be comfortable in the cold without disrupting your socialism? Or want to have the cozy desk table for odd working hours? No more suffering for the unlimited working or sitting. Now its time to heads up with the lengthy hour's tasks of family sittings or study or office work in winter.

Kotatsu table is significantly made to keep you warm & comfy to continue your odd hours working even. It’s a low wooden frame of the table along with its underneath electric heat source, roofed by futon (heavy blanket) upon which a table top take a bench.

Usually, it is made up of wood. They are traditionally from Japan, but there is some variation used by other countries like Iran and China. Kotatsu tables have heating units installed beneath them to keep the top and surrounding warms. Kotatsu is used in Japanese on a large scale as the don't have central heating mechanisms. Initially, they were strong and unmovable. Nowadays they are movables because of use of latest technologies. There are different types of kotatsu tables. Types of kotatsu tables are according to the technology used for heating, shape, size and some other distinguishing points. Here we will study them

Amazing workbench!

Either you need to dine or want to hold the electronics for your use- this Japanese heated table has the AMPLE top space to accommodate all you need to entertain or work. Likewise you may use it as eating surface or as the wonderful work table. One of the most striking properties of it -you may use it to have the cozy nap. Awe-inspiring.

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Even if your home lacks the proper insulation due to some reason then this product will be the IDEAL for you. As the heat that it generates keep you warm enough to sit in the place where heating is less than you need. In such situations, this proves to be the faithful companion in moderate price. So enjoy all that you want to have on this folding table.


  • With folding frame.
  • Offer you the table surface.
  • Keep you warm.
  • Cover you with the blanket if you need.
  • Can be used in small room space.
  • Comfortable & balanced.
  • Reliable.
  • User-friendly.
  • Compatible with the changing layouts of the interior.

How it look like?

Indeed its beautiful reversible folding table as the combination of the followings:

  1. Folding table frame.
  2. Consists of a sort of blanket coverage on the top.
  3. With the table surface on the top.
  4. Heater unit on the lower side.

Despite it is available in the variety of shapes and colors. Its shape might be rectangular or oval or round. In the same way, its futon might be in the wide range of colors and patterns to make it pleasant in look. The heater with its 100 voltage provides enough heat to make you warm in the cold nights. Under the table, you have enough room to stretch your body while doing something for the long hours.

I remember the December when my office project took two consecutive nights to be completed. However this supple not only help me to do my work as fast as I can with its balanced & proper table top but also relax me while in that pressure of my work in the small spaced room. Thanks to the kotatsu that let me the TOPPER on that project!

Wonderful worktable!

Even you may spend time-consuming meetings with it so easily that NOTHING can disrupt your enjoyment. No matter you want to play games for the long time on the same table with the group of your friends-surely it is DURABLE enough to let you fun together.

You may carry it where ever you want! You may use it in the camps or traveling. Undeniably it promises you all its functionality where ever you want to have. Do not you think it's like the magical item that serves all in the quite relaxing & enjoyable way? Definitely, it adds to your pleasures 100%. For deep detail of each of its part need to explore its GREAT RANGE VARIETY of each of its part.

1. Electric Kotatsu with Heating unit

Electric Kotatsu is the latest version of Japanese Kotatsu table. This is the latest method of heating. In this method, a small heater is placed at the bottom of the table. Moreover, the electric kotatsu is then installed near electrical supply. Best of all you may buy it separately from the futon and other parts of the table. While online this table is available with the heater or without the heater. You may have the one of your preference.

Well, its heater is fixed on the lower side of the table. More to the point its heaters exit in 120V or 230 V. Yet you need to be cautious to touch the heater because it may cause serious burns due to your carelessness. When you need to replace the heater you may do it without many efforts. Everyone like you can set it back ONLY by detaching the screws and setting the new heater unit. See how simple?!

Electric Kotatsu table
Kotatsu 2
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2. Charcoal Kotatsu

Charcoal Kotatsu is the traditional kotatsu. It uses a vessel filled with charcoal underneath the table. Sometimes vessels are used and sometimes it is through pit under the table and then burning charcoals are placed there. The pit is about 40 cm deep. However such Kotatsu is usually fixed.

image 4
image 5
image 6
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3. Quilted Kotatsu

Such a kotatsu which has quilt or blanket around it is known as a quilted kotatsu. That quilt usually covers sides of the table. This enables to retain the heat inside the table. Such quilts are then used to keep one`s body warm when legs are placed inside the table. That kotatsu then served as a bed. This kotatsu comes in a set with a quilt and table with the heating unit.

Its table frames or bases available on Amazon in many shapes and colors. But overall featured with.

  • Sound structure.
  • Solid with finishing touch.
  • Not fixed.
  • Flat & smooth surface.
  • Easy to clean & maintain.
  • Flexible to use.

Thus it's lovely to use whenever & wherever you want! The usual Japanese tables are about 40 centimeter or 16 inches in height.

image 7
image 8
image 9

For the more convenience, you may buy the complete table set to have the more flexibility in its prices. Too, you may have its constitution as per your choice & need. No doubt Japanese made it according to their own lifestyles like low height, with heater, and best to sit on the floor in the winter. but its making and use may be according to your mood and styles. Be smart to use this multipurpose table compatible to all weather extremities. Really awesome!

4. Futon Kotatsu

Futon Kotatsu table is another variation of kotatsu tables. In this futons are used to cover the sides of the table. The futon is more massive and mattress like quilts which provide more thermal energy than regular. Moreover, they are helpful in retaining heats and saving that greatly. Microfibers are used to manufacture futon which gives extra warmth and more comfort. They are usually in sets in which top futon, floor mat and kotatsu tables are included. These products are available at amazon.

image 10
image 11
image 12

Its table runs over mat or blanket available in different modish look.

  • Several colors.
  • Printed or plain.
  • Woolen or cotton.
  • Round or square or rectangular in shapes.
  • Fluffy & soft.
  • Differently sized.
  • Quilted or plain.

Futons might be of many sizes or shapes according to your table frame needs but will be equal in comfort and strength in each style and shape. No compromise for QUALITY & SOOTHE. Moreover Japanese not only made it for winter you may use it for summer also. Plus you may remove the futon completely or may carry on lightweight stuff over it for the summer. Preference is your choice!

5. Movable and Fixed Kotatsu

All the above-mentioned types are either movable or immovable. The movable kotatsu has small area light weight and with low pressure. They are usually for living rooms and drawing rooms. Most of the moveable kotatsu uses the electric heating unit as they are light weight competitively and are easy to carry. Moreover, quilted kotatsu is preferred for moveable kotatsu. You can also buy this from buy website.

image 13
image 14
image 15

Kotatsu Table tops

Like other parts, it also offers you many styles in colors & shapes. For the more convenience, you may buy the complete table set to have the more flexibility in its prices. Too, you may have its constitution as per your choice & need.

No doubt Japanese made it according to their own lifestyles like low height, with heater, and best to sit on the floor in the winter …but its making and use may be according to your mood and styles. Be smart to use this multipurpose table compatible to all weather extremities. Really awesome!

Briefly this matchless table will be beneficial for anyone as it's the perfect table in its SIMPLICITY.

  • Diverse in its function.
  • Solid and pleasant.
  • Affordable price.
  • Unique.

Enjoy its uniqueness with the matchless reliability of Amazon. Come on! Make your odd timing of entertainments & toils HEALTHIER & MEMORABLE with this OUTSTANDING & EXCLUSIVE Kotatsu table.

On the other hand, fixed kotatsu are of great help. The concept of a central heating system is not so common in Japan. So kotatsu serves as heating units in severe winters. In this regard, it is used in bedrooms. Especially a guest room must have this type kotatsu.

The concept of kotatsu is not new to the world. However, as we told you that kotatsu are special items of Japan. In Spain or Iran, they have their variation like in Iran they use korsi. You may also buy these items using ebay shop