How does kotatsu work? Everything You Need To know

Japan is known for its extraordinary innovations, which make people’s lives easier. One such innovation is a kotatsu table. But what is a kotatsu, and how does kotatsu work?

How does kotatsu work?

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This short article will explain everything. You only have to spend five minutes reading this article, so take the time to read it all the way through so you can learn everything. Getting to the point, let's begin.

What’s Kotatsu?

A kotatsu is a low, wooden table covered with a heavy blanket and topped with a tabletop. An electric heater is usually attached to the table, replacing the charcoal brazier that was once used. In Japan, kotatsu is almost exclusively used. In time, the kotatsu table evolved as well.

Here are Top Kotatsu Heaters which are under the table.

It is quite advanced to have a kotatsu table in the modern age. On top of a kotatsu is a special futon (or shitake). To provide warmth, there is an electric heater beneath.

Heat tables and blankets, which were popular before underfloor heating became more common, have taken off in a big way as a way to conserve energy.

After getting so much popularity, there are a number of people who don’t know about the concept of the kotatsu and the benefits that they can get from it. 

How does a kotatsu table work?

The lower half of your body is kept warm while eating at a kotatsu table by a space heater. A heater is located in the middle of the table, so diners' legs are close to (but not touching) it. The tabletop is draped with a floor-length blanket to keep the heat in.

Types of Kotatus

There are mainly two types of kotatsu tables used in Japan. The first one is the electric one, which is an advanced kotatsu. And the second one is the charcoal kotatsu, which works on charcoal. 

  • Electric Kotatsus: The table has an electric heater attached to its underside. Oki-kotatsu are modern versions of kotatsu. As with a throw rug, the kotatsu is usually placed on a thin futon. Over the kotatsu table, a second, thicker blanket is draped, followed by the tabletop.
  • Charcoal Kotatsus: Charcoal is an old and very traditional type of table that sits on top of a recessed floor. In a modern-style kotatsu, the charcoal heater is attached to the table frame or installed in the pit's floor or walls.

These are the two types of kotatsu tables mainly used in Japan. Now you’re aware of the kotatsu tables and their types. Furthermore, you know what a kotatsu table is and how it works. There are some common questions from you people that now I’m going to answer.


1) What is the reason for Japanese people sleeping under the table?

Keeping your lower body warm while your upper body can fend for itself is most likely derived from the Japanese belief that your stomach and abdominal area serve as your body's Command Central, where your moods, vitality, and spirituality live.

2) Can you burn yourself with a kotatsu?

There is almost no risk of burning yourself when you touch this heater. Despite the fact that the instruction manual is entirely in Japanese, the illustrations make it fairly easy to follow.

Final Words!

How does kotatsu work? Now you know very well about that. Still, if there is something that I can help you with, please let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to help you out.